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Wilkerson logo Wilkerson manufactures and markets a complete line of compressed air treatment components and control products. These include filters, regulators and lubricators, air dryers, separators, drains and other components used in air preparation. Our quality products meet a wide variety of industrial, process, consumer and health care applications.


Particulate Filters
Particulate Filters

For the removal of solid particle contaminants down to 5 microns and the separation of bulk liquids.  This type of filter is generally used in industrial applications where liquid water and oil, and harmful dirt particles must be removed from the compressed air system. This type of filter should also be used as a prefilter for the Coalescing (oil removal) filter.

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Coalescing FiltersCoalescing Filters

Specifically designed for the removal of solid particles, water and oil aerosols down to 0.01 micron. Protection of components such as air valves, cylinders, as well as air conveyors, air gaging, air bearings, air control circuits and paint spraying equipment are examples of specific end-use applications.

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Used to provide a convenient and low cost method to reduce a supplied air pressure to a desired outlet pressure and
transform a fluctuating air supply to a relatively constant reduced air pressure within the operating range of the regulator.  A regulator is generally used in a wide variety of applications where reduced pressure is highly desirable for energy conservation, safety requirements, air circuit control and air instrumentation.

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Precision Regulators
Precision Regulators

For use in applications that require reliable performance and accurate pressure control.  Precision regulators are generally used for material handling systems, flow and temperature controllers, critical air control circuits, medical and scientific test equipment, and valve positioners.

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Lubricators inject an oil aerosol into the flowing air stream to automatically provide the proper amount of internal lubrication to air operated tools or other pneumatic devices.

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Combination Units
Combination Units

Combination Units are available in port sizes from 1/8 inch to 1 inch with flow rates from 40 to 374 scfm. These units offer flexibility and space savings and may include a variety of components including; particulate and coalescing filters and filter/regulator combinations, regulators and lubricators.

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