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Piab logoPiab is a global leader in industrial vacuum technology with several innovative products and solutions to improve productivity in automation.

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Piab's core technologies:



Piab Suction Cups more information Suction Cups & Grippers

Using suction cups is a lifting technique of many possibilities. You can, for example, handle board materials or concrete slabs, open bags, pick electronic components, label and hold objects. But different applications need different requirements. Piab offers one of the market’s widest ranges of suction cups so that each application will have its own solution.

suction cups & grippers


Piab Vacuum Generators more information Vacuum Pumps/Generators

COAX® technology Piab's patent technology platform is an offshoot of the multistage technology.
COAX® ensures excellent performance at both low and high feed pressures – ideal for situations where compressed air lines deliver air at low or fluctuating pressures.  Pumps based on the COAX® technology can operate within the range of 25 to 87 psi.

Piab vacuum pumps are of the multi-stage ejector type – a technology patented by Piab in 1973.  These vacuum pumps were developed to provide extra vacuum flow in combination with deep maximum vacuum levels while keeping energy consumption at a minimum.

Piab pumps have no moving parts that vibrate or wear out – important features that contribute heavily to outstanding operational reliability and a pleasant, noise-free working environment.

vacuum pumps & generators



Vacuum Cartridges/Integration

Piab vacuum cartridges
COAX® is an advanced solution for creating vacuum with compressed air. Based on Piab’s multistage technology, COAX® cartridges are smaller, more efficient and more reliable than conventional ejectors, which allows for the design of a flexible, modular and efficient vacuum system. A vacuum system based on COAX® technology can provide you with three times more vacuum flow than conventional systems, allowing you to increase speed with high reliability, while reducing energy consumption.

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Piab Pump and Gripper more information Combined Pump & Gripper

Piab VGS™ – A product design where high quality DURAFLEX® suction cups are integrated with vacuum cartridges based on the patented COAX® technology. The “vacuum gripper” makes selection, sizing and installation of a vacuum system easier. With a VGS™ you will enjoy the benefits of a more cost-efficient and reliable vacuum system.

combined pump & gripper

piSECURE more information

Creates safe vacuum in case of system failure

piSECURE is a decentralized vacuum pump for sealed applications with high safety requirements in case of power or system failure. The safety function is based on a separate extra sealed vacuum non-return valve (check valve).

piSECURE utilizes COAX® technology as well as an improved sealing capability for safety and automatic energy saving system for maximum efficiency and reduced energy consumption.  piSECURE can advantageously also be used in robot handling applications of high value sealed objects, i.e. high cost for dropped part in case of power failure. Examples are shaped glass and metal sheets in body assembly and general assembly of cars.


piGRIP® sense valve

A new revolutionary flow/check valve for suction cups is available. Piab is proud to introduce the "sense" valve as an option for piGRIP® suctions cups.

piGrip Sense Valve Flow-control/check valves for cups are used for "object sensing" on flexible vacuum handling devices with a centralized pump solution. The valves allows several suction cups to miss (or partly miss) sheet(s)/object(s) and still maintain enough vacuum level in the system and also offer a fast release/blow-off.

 Piab's new "sense" valve has a new innovative design. It works great in any orientation, it is dirt tolerant and it has a flow characteristic which truly (not in a "digital" way) increases flow through the valve when vacuum level decreases to compensate for leakage and therefore retains a high lifting force in the cups which are in grip.

When the new "sense" valve is used with a piGRIP® cup, the user can benefit from the piGRIP® configurator which will calculate the right size of sense valve depending on size of cup and degree of leakage in the application. This will facilitate the dimensioning and reduce risk for errors and unhappy customers.

A stand-alone version of the sense valve will be available soon to be used with other cups than piGRIP®

piGRIP Suction Cups

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XLF Extra Large Flat Suction CupsLXF Extra Large Flat Suction Cups XLF information

Suitable for handling large and heavy sheets, such as glass and metal, with a flat or slightly concave surface, the XLF line of suction cups are available in four different diameter sizes 150 mm, 200 mm, 250 mm and 300 mm. All sizes are similarly designed with an aluminum plate molded into the durable and long lasting 60° Shore Nitrile-PVC rubber. The cups are ideal for sensitive surfaces as the soft material will not chip or damage the material being handled. Friction pattern increases safety and capability to handle tilted or standing glass/metal sheets. Double lip design increases safety against over-load or tear on the outer lip. Auxiliary port, suitable for vacuum sensing or efficient blow-off/release.

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piCOMPACT® All-in-one Ejector Unit

Amazing uptime with the world’s fastest integrated controls ejector

piCOMPACT® will give your customers amazing uptime with the world’s fastest integrated controls ejector. piCOMPACT® is ideal for electronics, semiconductor, plastics, metal, small packaging, pick and place, robotic integration and the wood industry.

piCOMPACT® is an ejector family with integrated controls, so called compact or ”all-in-one” ejector unit. It is a stackable platform with the possibility to mount several units in the same manifold and have common pneumatic and electrical connections.

The intelligent Energy-Saving (ES) function effectively turns off the compressed air usage when set vacuum level is achieved. An additional feature connected to the ES function, ACM, eliminates the issue of "motor-boating", where the vacuum generator cycles on and off repeatedly in case of leakage. ACM automatically senses if ES is needed or not. It can also be used for monitoring when it is time to replace worn out suction cups. With integrated direct operating bullet valves for on/off and blow-off as part of the complete piCOMPACT® package, reliability, uptime and speed of operation can be ensured.

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piCOMPACT®23 Revolutionizes Air Drive Vacuum Pumps

Vacuum ejector piCOMPACT®23 is now available with a range of unique and patented added features Improved and intelligent blow-off functions, a split unit design, and a self-adhesion control feature are a few of the new added extras on offer in Piab’s premium piCOMPACT®23 vacuum generator platform. This impressive range of proprietary and patented added features, which also includes IO-Link communication, has the potential to provide optimal vacuum generation for every application.

piCOMPACT23 vacuum pumps

piCOMPACT®23 is the latest in a line of Piab vacuum generators that provides outstanding performance and quality. The new design increases uptime in your vacuum system to achieve more reliability. By working at a lower feed pressure and maximizing the utilization rate of the compressed air, the COAX® ejectors reduce energy consumption while increasing productivity and reliability.

piCOMPACT®23 is ideal for medium or larger vacuum systems, such as palletizing of boxes and loading, sorting, transfer and unloading of different sheet materials.  By offering an increased vacuum flow, piCOMPACT®23 ejectors strengthen product grip to increase pickup speed, minimize product damage and reduce waste. piCOMPACT®23 also allows faster release of products from the suction cups onto the production line for efficiency gains.

Using Piab's unique COAX® cartridges, the world's smallest multistage vacuum ejector, the piCOMPACT®23 provides three times more vacuum flow than similar products. This reduces energy consumption by 30-50 percent compared with traditional ejectors, resulting in substantial sustainability benefits as well as energy and cost savings.

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Piab rectangular suction cupsRectangular Suction Cups

The RB20x40P cup was developed specifically for handling flow-packed bars of sweets, but it can of course be used for any small, rectangular flow pack packages. It provides safe and secure handling without damaging either the packaging or its content.

Made in a specially developed material that features the elasticity of rubber and wear resistance of polyurethane, DURAFLEX® suction cups are particularly suitable for handling uneven and porous surfaces.  Designed with a single bellows, the cup has a low overall height, making it easy to fit into space-restricted areas. Additionally, in order to provide the correct orientation when installed, the RB20x40P is available with two alternative fittings.

Rectangular Suction Cups