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Compact Automation Products

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Compact Automation is a market leading manufacturer of space efficient custom automation solutions such as hydraulic cylinders, air cylinders and linear actuators along with standard pneumatic automation components. Compact Automation has over 25 patents and has manufactured over 50,000 modified and custom designs.

Compact Actuators compact actuators Compact Actuators

Compact Inch Cylinders, Inch Linear Actuators, Single Acting Cylinders and Knife Gate Cylinders are available in 3 duty types:

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Rotary Actuators

Compact Automation offers OEM rotary actuators as well as VAL-U-ACT and TURN-DEX rotary actuators and more including valve actuators and pneumatic rotary actuators.

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Compact Work Handling more Work Holding Products

Workholding cylinders function to secure materials or parts that require work to be performed on them such as machining and processing. There are many different types of work holding products including pneumatic grippers, intensifiers, twist cylinders, collet closers and pin-act cylinders. Each of these products offer particular advantages for specific applications, and are often utilized in the industrial automation, medical, electronics industries and more.

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Guided Cylinders

Guided cylinders outperform conventional non-rotating cylinders due to the elimination ofrod rotation as well as increased side-load bearing capabilities. Compact GC2000 is designed for short stroke, limitedspace applications in which a cylinder is needed that can guide and support its own load. Additionally they are designed Compact Guided Cylinders more for enhanced torsion and direct side load performance. 

The GC series of guided cylinders includes both guided air cylinders and guided rod cylinders. They are highly space efficient devices that are designed to bridge the gap between expensive ball bearing slides and zero load bearing non-rotating cylinders.

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Multi Motion

Compact MultiMotion Products more Multi Act’s integrated multi position devices include multi position cylinders and multi position actuators, which feature an output shaft that produces both linear and rotary motions and may be operated independently and simultaneously.

These devices offer many advantages over single position actuators and cylinders; for instance, multi position linear actuators are advantageous compared to single position linear actuators because they can sort or position multiple parts at a time. This makes them ideal for sorting and selective-assembly operations.

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