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Clippard is a manufacturer of miniature pneumatic valves, cylinders and fittings. Since 1941, Clippard has not only been a leader in the field of miniature pneumatics, they invented it!

Clippard Valves more Electronic Valves

Clippard offers a wide range of electronic valves. Combined with a series of Clippard manifolds, they provide a complete system for efficient interface with electric and electronic circuits.

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Clippard Manual Valves more Manual & Air Pilot Valves

The vast range of manually operated and Air Pilot valves from Clippard include:

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Clippard Cylinders more

Pneumatic Cylinders

Air cylinders have always been an integral part of the Clippard Minimatic® line. Over the years Clippard has responded to requests from cylinder users to provide additional sizes of air cylinders and auxiliary support products. While competitively priced, these products maintain the Clippard standard for quality and reliability that has been the industry standard for many years.

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FiClippard Fittings more ttings

Smaller valves and cylinders created the need for smaller fittings. Clippard was the first to develop ports utilizing the 10-32 thread. This thread has become an industry standard in the marketplace.  Clippard precision fittings will save you time, space, and money when designing versatile, productive, trouble free, pneumatic circuits. Their  endless variety of fittings insure that you find just the right fit when plumbing pneumatic circuits or assemblies.

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Clippard Tubing more

Tubing & Hose

Clippard offers a wide variety of Urethane tubing and hose, Polyethylene tubing, Vinyl hose and specialty conductors such as Ribbon and Twin hose options.

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NIV Series PTFE Isolation Valves

Clippard NIV Series isolation valvesThe Clippard NIV Series Media Isolation Valve is a solenoid-operated device that uses a flexible diaphragm to isolate the actuation mechanism from the fluid path. Media isolation valves are commonly used for a wide variety of applications, including those that require precise, repeatable dispensing of media for analytical instrumentation. All wetted areas of the valve are PTFE, making this series ideal for use with corrosive media.

A unique feature of the NIV Series is the one-piece valve stem that functions as a sealing membrane while also supporting and centralizing the poppet in the seating area. This multifunctional poppet/diaphragm/stem results in a simplified design with fewer parts (only two for the 2-Way and three for the 3-Way), longer life and zero dead volume. Choose from four orifice sizes available as 2-Way Normally-Closed, 2-Way Normally-Open, or 3-Way Selector/Diverter. Special configurations available by request.

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Clippard EVP Series Proportional Valves more information EVP Series Proportional Valves

The EVP Series Proportional Control Valve are part of Clippard’s Electronic Valve product line. This product combines the features of the existing EV series valve long life, low power, and Clippard's reputation for high quality components with the additional capability of proportional control. The EVP series valve provides air or gas flow control, and varies the output flow based on the current input to the solenoid. The consistent gain of this valve provides a high degree of control for many applications.

Controllability and overall value are the main features of the EVP Proportional Valve series. The valve may be controlled using DC current, open- or closed-loop control, and even PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) to cover a broad range of applications.

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GV/GTV Series High Flow Poppet Valves

Clippard’s  GV  series valves  offer the  same characteristics of its original line with flow 10 times more than the MAV series and 2.5 times the flow of the MJV series. These 2-way and 3-way valves are offered in 1/4” NPT and 3/8” push-quick ports along with a cartridge mounted version. With Clippard’s versatile 15/32-32 nose thread, a large variety of buttons and valve actuators can be used with the GV stem operated valves. Clippard GV Series poppet valves learn more

The GTV series are toggle valves with panel mounting capabilities (5/8-32 nose thread).  The outlet port on all GV valves can be easily positioned to any orientation for mounting convenience.  

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