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CTC Control Tehcnology Corp.

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Control Technology Corp.  designs, manufactures and markets products that enable electronic automation devices to be monitored, controlled, configured or reprogrammed over the Internet and/or intranets.

CTC has a long history of providing innovative automation solutions to its customer base. CTC's software and hardware products are divided into three application areas that can be implemented independently or combined for a complete shop-floor to top-floor integrated solution.



CTC ControllersControllers

Control Technology Corporation makes an extensive line of high-performance programmable automation controllers and accessories that control and monitor machines and equipment. CTC programmable automation controllers range from small, self-contained systems with 32 I/O points to large-scale networked systems encompassing thousands of I/O points. These programmable automation controllers excel at integrating I/O, servo/stepper motors, user interfaces and enterprise connectivity into a single distributed control strategy.

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CTC HMIsOperator Interface

CTC offers a wide range of touchscreen based operator interface devices as well as our revolutionary CT web HMI browser based HMI. Touchscreens are available from 3" to 17", enabling you to optimize each application solution.

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CTC SoftwareSoftware

CTC provides automation designers with a suite of integrated software products that simplifies the design, monitoring, and management of factory and process applications.

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EtherCAT Supported Devices

CTC has fully integrated EtherCAT support into our programming environment, by pre-engineering support for the most popular EtherCAT slave devices. Through auto-discovery, the system automatically determines what specific devices are on the EtherCAT network and automatically configures the master to talk to them. This eliminates a time-consuming and potentially error-prone step of having to use a configurator to manually set up your network.

EtherCAT-based drives and I/O points appear in the programming environment along with any other drives and I/O in your system, and are programmed as though they were local devices.

Mitsubishi - MR-J4 TM




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Model 5300 Automation Controller

The Blue Fusion Model 5300 is a high performance programmable automation controller designed for industrial discrete and process control applications. CTC’s award winning Blue Fusion controllers combine the features of a 5300 groupPLC, motion controller and PC into a small DIN rail mountable package. The controller can be used in a stand-alone configuration or it can be easily networked via its serial and LAN connections. The built-in web server makes Internet or intranet access fast and easy. For larger applications the Model 5300 supports up to 512 I/O points and up to 16 axes of motion control.

The 5300 features a proven multi-tasking real-time operating system with plenty of non-volatile memory. Programming the 5300 is simple with CTC’s intuitive next-generation QuickBuilder™ state language or for advanced applications use C/ C++. You can even combine both languages in a single application.

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